Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hey Room 11! Hope you have a great day today.

Hello kidlets!
Sorry I am out today. Think of it as an adventure- exploring other classrooms. If you see any good ideas, bring them back to share tomorrow- we can learn a lot when we spend time with new people, even the little people, sometimes they have the most fun ideas!

I have a little challenge for you today- Random acts of kindness. I can't wait to hear how you go today.

It is kind of exciting to give you the chance to be leaders in the school like this. You could be the best thing to happen to the classes you are in today, I am sure the teachers will be so glad to have you join them and help out today. If you can't be useful, just keep going with your learning below. You are SUPER independent so you will have no troubles. If you need help, ask each other first- look after each other!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Communication timeline research.

Time line of different forms of communication.

WHAT is your communication item?
How does it work? What are the parts? what do they do? How does it help us to communicate?
When was it invented? Or when did it start to be used? Or what was the period of time it was mostly used in?
How has it changed over time? (Why did it need to change?)
What is interesting that we want to share with others?

The final tag you put on the timeline might look something like this. BUT you need to research first!!! Notes in your Unit of Inquiry book!
My team:
Our communication item is:
How it works:
How has it changed? (Why?)
How it helps/helped us communicate:
Interesting facts:

TO DO: Moihi, Kyu :
Post Pigeons

Alexis. T., Surleen, Jalyn
Message in a bottle
TO DO: Abdulelah, Nesharne, Helena:
Great resource- click it
New source- look here
Stella, Noah,
Public telephone boxes
Nathan, Fou-
Morse code
TO DO: Dilni, Raetara, Tylah-Jade

Ocean, Chassidy, Skyla,
Smoke Signals
Murphy/ Tyrahn
Alp Horns
Brandon, Isitolo

Ella May, Kaylee, Erana
Cave Paintings

Missing: Anakiu, Caryl, Ella-May, Ethan, Karyse. What will you find out about for our class timeline?

If you do not have a communication item, here are some ideas you can choose from:

letters, email, newspaper, braille

Motion pictures




Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Zoo Debate

In LT2 we are learning about writing to persuade. As part of this learning, we are reading many persuasive texts. This week, we are reading 'The Zoo Debate' but Philippa Werry.

Read this article. You choose whether it is out loud with a buddy, or quietly to yourself.

Answer these questions in the comment box on this blog post.

Can you find:
1. 5 subject-specific words
2. 5 emotive words
3. 5 reasons why zoos can be helpful
4. 5 reasons why zoos may be considered harmful.

Decide what you think about zoos. Plan your argument for or against zoos on the graphic organiser. When you have conferenced your plan with a teacher, you may start writing your draft.

Monday, September 18, 2017


For the conferences, Open this document, MAKE A COPY (under file).

NAME your copy and share it with Mrs Curry AND Mrs Tuck.

If your parent cannot come to school, you can take this home with your samples to share with your parents.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

MT2: Persuasive Texts

Yesterday we looked at a Pamphlet from the Labour Party. We decided that it was trying to convince us to vote for Labour. It gave 6 clear reasons why. Your first job is to finish identifying their key arguments and adding that to your graphic organiser. Be sure to identify their opinion statement, and call to action!

Below is a link to the National Party website. On this page, National is trying to convince you to vote for them.
1. Read this webpage (you don't need to click on all the thumbnails to read more - you can if you want to though!)
2. What reasons does National give to vote for them?
3. Are you convinced? Why? Why not?
4. Try to put some of NAtional's arguments onto a new graphic organiser (In your tray)

Here's the link:

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Persuading others

This link has a range of advertisements. These advertisements are trying to persuade you. Watch this video, CHOOSE ONE of the advertisements and answer these questions:

What is the advertisement trying to persuade you to do?
Why is it trying to persuade you?
Are you persuaded? Why/Why not?