Sunday, April 2, 2017

Open the link-Personal inquiries.

Personal Inquiries: Resources

Open the above link.
Find your question and name.

Think about how you will record information.
Skill: Notemaking. Content: Question information.

You have 1 hour to find what you need to know to answer your personal inquiry.

After this session, we will think about what we would like to share with others- and how to present the information.

Happy investigating.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Image result for values
This year Room 11 & 12 have been talking about values in our class. We have been exploring what values are. In our school we have new value leaders. The value leaders help the school understand values.

By Ocean and Skyla

Sunday, March 12, 2017

How to Create a Found Poem

Check out the link below to create some amazing poems and art.  Have a go with a page from this week's group story or a book you are reading from the library. If you want me to, I will happily photocopy a page or paragraph for you🙆

Swimming reflections- find yourself.

These are your first videos, please bring your togs and towel so you can be filmed again this week!

You have all made progress and we would like to show a before and after video on your personal blogs to reflect on.


1) the video link,

2) the goal you made,

3) the follow up video (if you have one) and

4) a post reflection.

Post reflection ideas:

How has your swimming changed since you started this term?

What helped you learn best?

What do you still want to improve on?

Writing Teachers Visit Room 11.

 Today we had a great visit from some Writing Teachers. They worked with us to identify and work with different language features or structures. 
We will see them again next week to complete the learning experience. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Research into "Values".

Select your top 4 questions from the class brainstorm.
Section your page into 4 squares (draw a line down the middle and across the middle).
Each square has one question.

Watch some of the following video clips.

Note down any information that might answer your questions.

We will publish two of your questions and their answers on Friday.