Thursday, May 17, 2018

Time Keeping Devices

Watch the slideshow below. Early time measuring devices

-Look through the slide show.
The sundial

Make a Sand Timer

Can we use it to measure different amounts of time? Minutes and hours? Seconds?
Water clock- Method 1. Plastic cup, and plastic bottle to sit in it.
Lots of ways to do this- get ideas…
How could we use a water clock to set an alarm?

 Wait, WHAT?
How could we set time without drawing up a candle each time?

 What other ideas do you have about how time could be measured accurately and precisely?
Time reading

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Commonwealth Games Fact Finding mission!

Fun Stuff!

Fun Stuff: Look below and choose an idea to explore...

Image result for future me

What would you like your future self to remember or know?

Maybe you could send yourself a letter of appreciation?

OR send yourself some advice- What would you tell your future self if you wanted to send a message to arrive in one MONTH??? 

How could we communicate with Aliens?

What if?
What if there was life on other planets somewhere in the galaxy?

Image result for ufo
What might we want to tell them? What would be important to know?

How would we communicate? What language to represent Earth? The most common language? Would it be a language?

What form would we use to get our message across?

Below are some people who are exploring this idea.